Hellraiser: Hellseeker (2002)

Hellraiser: Hellseeker Subtitles

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

2002 Year 89 Mins 5.1 Imdb

Dean Winters, Ashley Laurence, Doug Bradley, Rachel Hayward

A shady businessman attempts to piece together the details of the car crash that killed his wife, rendered him an amnesiac, and left him in possession of a sinister puzzle box that summons monsters.

Hellraiser: Deader (2005)

Hellraiser: Deader Subtitles

Horror, Mystery, Thriller

2005 Year 88 Mins 4.6 Imdb

Kari Wuhrer, Paul Rhys, Simon Kunz, Marc Warren

A journalist uncovers an underground group who can bring back the dead and slowly becomes drawn into their world.

Sweetie (1989)

Sweetie Subtitles

Comedy, Drama

1989 Year 97 Mins 6.9 Imdb

Geneviève Lemon, Karen Colston, Tom Lycos, Jon Darling

An introspective young woman's life is upturned by the arrival of her maladjusted sister.

The First Man (1996)

The First Man Subtitles


1996 Year 88 Mins 4.0 Imdb

Heather Graham, Lesley Ann Warren, Roxana Zal, Keith Bogart

The first alien man has arrived on earth, and no woman can refuse him.

It Lives Inside (2018)

It Lives Inside Subtitles


2018 Year 89 Mins 1.7 Imdb

Laurie Cummings, Alissa Ford, Liam Rose, Rett Terrell

A chronic sleepwalker reads from a mysterious text that foretells his impending demonic possession. He struggles to hold his family together as the ancient evil threatens to consume everything he holds dear.

Absolute Quiet (1936)

Absolute Quiet Subtitles


1936 Year 70 Mins 5.9 Imdb

Lionel Atwill, Irene Hervey, Raymond Walburn, Stuart Erwin

Absolute Quiet is a movie starring Lionel Atwill, Irene Hervey, and Raymond Walburn. Businessman Gerald Axton goes to his ranch to rest, having had a near-heart-attack due to business worries. But while there (with his female...

Lazzaro felice (2018)

Lazzaro felice Subtitles


2018 Year 125 Mins 7.6 Imdb

Adriano Tardiolo, Agnese Graziani, Luca Chikovani, Alba Rohrwacher

Lazzaro felice is a movie starring Adriano Tardiolo, Agnese Graziani, and Luca Chikovani. This is the tale of a meeting between Lazzaro, a young peasant so good that he is often mistaken for simple-minded, and Tancredi, a young...

Women... and Sometimes Men (2018)

Women... and Sometimes Men Subtitles

Drama, Romance

2018 Year 87 Mins 4.1 Imdb

Tasha Ames, Lesley Demetriades, James K. Fulater, Abe Goldfarb

Sara has some questions. Engaged for one day, she decides to call off her marriage. Quirky and beautiful, she is working on being bold. Having had a short relationship with a woman in college, Sara seeks that feeling again. How can...

Leave No Trace (2018)

Leave No Trace Subtitles


2018 Year 109 Mins 7.7 Imdb

Thomasin McKenzie, Ben Foster, Jeffery Rifflard, Michael Draper

Leave No Trace is a movie starring Thomasin McKenzie, Ben Foster, and Jeffery Rifflard. A father and his thirteen year-old daughter are living an ideal existence in a vast urban park in Portland, Oregon, when a small mistake derails...

Aoi unabara (1957)

Aoi unabara Subtitles


1957 Year 87 Mins N/A Imdb

Mitsugu Fujii, Tokue Hanazawa, Hachirô Kasuga, Hibari Misora